How Much Work Should You Ask To See From Job Candidates?

How Much Work Should You Ask To See From Job Candidates? - Gettyimages 1411966246 512107 columnist Alison Green answers questions about workplace and management issues–everything from how to deal with a micromanaging boss to how to talk to someone on your team about body odor.

Here’s a roundup of answers to four questions from readers.

1. Is this interview assignment too much to ask from job candidates?

I’ve recently read some pushback on employers that ask candidates, as part of the hiring process, to complete assignments that may take many hours to do. At my law firm, we have recently moved to giving legal research and writing assignments to our attorney candidates. I would not be surprised if these projects take 10-20 hours. We don’t use the work, because we give them questions to which we already know the answers. We’ve found this to be an incredibly effective evaluation method. We’ve had people whose writing samples were fine, but who did an inadequate job on the assignment. And we’ve had people whose work on the project was better than expected and…

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