How Figs Founders Found an Ally for Sustainable Growth.

How Figs Founders Found An Ally For Sustainable Growth. - Webts Headshot 2019 509739

When you’re running a fast-growing business that’s actually turning a profit, a lot of people have useful but conflicting advice. Most of the time, it’s a lot of noise–but my mentor,  Meg Whitman, cuts through it. One of Figs‘ investors introduced Meg and I two years ago when we were getting ready to IPO, and we really hit it off.

Meg comes from public businesses, where profits matter, so her perspective has been very useful now that we are public. Plus, she knows how to lead with integrity–and how to do it your way.

When I approach Meg with some­thing my co-founder, Heather Hasson, and I are grappling with, she will name three situations that are exactly the same–to a T–and then give me a piece of advice that just hits the note so clearly.

Take, for example, a recent conversation I’ve been having with my leadership team, which wants me to hire more people. Meg had the perfect response to this: ‘Everyone is always 20 people and $5 million away from greatness.’ Her point was,…

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