Chris Dawson: Husband in podcast-famous case guilty of murder

An Australian man who became the subject of a popular crime podcast has been found guilty of his wife’s cold case murder.

Chris Dawson’s trial in a Sydney court this year followed decades of speculation about the 1982 disappearance of his wife, Lynette.

Her body has never been found and all the evidence was circumstantial.

Dawson was charged in 2018 after the podcast garnered global attention and prompted a renewed investigation.

The 74-year-old denies killing Mrs Dawson, maintaining she had abandoned him and their two children – possibly to join a religious group.

When handing down his verdict on Tuesday, Judge Ian Harrison said the evidence against Dawson was “persuasive and compelling”.

The judge found Dawson was “possessively obsessed” with his teenage babysitter, who is known as JC for legal reasons, and wanted her as a “replacement” for his wife.

Dawson had become increasingly desperate as previous plans to leave his marriage failed and JC wanted to end the relationship,…

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