Newspaper headlines: NHS ‘bills emergency’ and ‘new era of inflation’

The issue of rising energy prices and inflation continues to lead the papers.

Britain’s privatisation model for energy and water companies is broken, according to an expert who’s spoken to the Financial Times. Former government adviser and Oxford University professor Sir Dieter Helm also describes the utility regulators as “not fit for purpose”.

He’s critical of governments for not making reforms and says it’s no surprise the energy and water companies have run into serious trouble with bad outcomes for households. Ofgem tells the paper it is confident its regulation is robust in protecting customers.

The Times front page declares that nearly half of Tory voters want energy to be nationalised, a finding it says will put pressure on the next prime minister to “embrace radical solutions” to the cost of living crisis.

The paper commissioned the poll from YouGov, and says it provides a stark illustration of the pressures on households this winter. More than half of those questioned…

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