New council pay offer made to end strike action in Scotland

A new pay deal has been made to try to settle a council pay dispute that has led to bin strikes around Scotland.

Three unions involved in negotiations with local authority umbrella body Cosla are now discussing the offer.

Bin strikes have hit two thirds of Scotland’s 32 councils and rubbish is building up in many town and city centres.

Hundreds of schools and nurseries are scheduled to close for three days next week as part of the industrial action.

Details of the offer have not yet been made public.

Unions are seeking an agreement similar to the one made to council workers in England, which included a £1,925 flat rate pay increase.

They say that offering a percentage pay rise would mean the most money would go to the best paid staff.

If the new offer is accepted by the unions they will then put it to their members. The current round of strikes is due to end on Wednesday in many local authority areas, and at 04:59 in Edinburgh.

The first bin strike began in the capital city…

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