How to Turn a Passion Project Into a Growth Machine

How To Turn A Passion Project Into A Growth Machine - Web0922 Col Gentry Final 509755

I launched Glow Global Events in New York City as a four-person shop in 1998 and steadily grew it into a sturdy and well-appointed business. I was proud of it, but by 2005, I could see that things needed to change. My company was profitable and we’d worked on world-class events, but I was still an event planner. I wasn’t a CEO — not really. I was limiting my potential, but how?

I couldn’t shake the question after that. It’s funny. I never thought about changing my company’s trajectory — getting into live streaming and original programming, for instance — until I did; then it was all I thought about.

I’m someone who does a lot of research; the data and the milestones help me see around corners. So I began by researching my bigger competitors, figuring out what they were doing, how their businesses were set up. I took meetings with clients that weren’t typical for my firm. I started to entertain different product lines — which led, in turn, to hosting internal events and meetings…

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