5 Things You Should Never Say During a VC Pitch, According to 2 VCs 

5 Things You Should Never Say During A Vc Pitch, According To 2 Vcs  - Gettyimages 1169563481 510915

Fundraising for a startup is never easy, but getting investors to write you a check is particularly brutal at the moment. 

CNBC has called the current situation “the hardest fundraising climate in more than a decade,” noting that “the shutdown of the IPO market has resulted in a virtual freeze in pre-IPO rounds, and the dramatic contraction of software multiples has stalled private deal flows.” While there are plenty of companies still having success raising money, at the moment there is little to no margin for error for founders.

Which is why two recent posts from VCs come at a particularly good time. The Medium pieces from founder-turned-VC Jason Lemkin and early-stage investor Hunter Walk both cover the same basic ground — missteps they often hear founders making while pitching. You can check them both out for a full rundown, but here are a handful of particularly common (and/or grievous) mistakes you’ll want to avoid when pitching VCs. 

1. “During my time at Google…….

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This article was written by Jessica Stillman and originally published on www.inc.com