4 Ways to Learn Anything

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“If only I could have learned a new language last year…”

“If only I learned about  investing when I was still in my early twenties…”

For many of us, there are more things we want to learn than we have time.

Shortening the learning curve is a topic that’s been studied for many years. I’ve personally applied what I’m about to share to now to speak Spanish, English, and Korean (plus a bit of Portuguese!). You’d also be able to leverage these principles in any topic including business, musical instruments, and more.

Deconstruct the skill

The first step is to deconstruct the skill into its basic, fundamental components.

This is in reference to the popularized Pareto’s Principle, where the goal is to generate 80 percent of results by putting in 20 percent of the effort.

Our goal then should be to separate the 20 percent of our learning materials that will give us 80 percent of the result.

In his Ted Talk, Josh Kaufman believes that you don’t need 10,000 hours to master a skill. As…

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This article was written by Sean Kim and originally published on www.inc.com