Worried about Recession? Companies Cut Paid Maternity and Paternity Leave

Worried About Recession? Companies Cut Paid Maternity And Paternity Leave - Gettyimages 1321469091 511803

Quiz: What did 53 percent of companies offer in 2020 and only 35 percent do now?

Answer: Paid maternity leave at a level higher than required by law.

This is according to a survey from the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), which also found drops in paternity leave policies and cuts in the number of weeks of paid leave while not eliminating it.

This doesn’t seem suitable for the workforce, especially since the U.S. falls behind its European counterparts in paid parental leave. But, since businesses are doing this, there should be at least a little logic behind why they’ve chosen to cut parental leave programs. Here are some theories:

Families are getting smaller

The average U.S. family has 1.93 children in it. So while people may say they value paid parental leave programs, most won’t use them while employed at your company. 

Of course, you could see this as a great benefit; knowing that it looks good, people say they want it, and then they don’t use it much. Yes, some people…

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This article was written by Suzanne Lucas and originally published on www.inc.com