Thinking of Writing a Book? Start by Asking Yourself These 4 Questions

Thinking Of Writing A Book? Start By Asking Yourself These 4 Questions - Gettyimages 1064408132 511927

Have you always wondered what it would be like to publish a book? Seeing your name on the cover of a book that you wrote is a thrill that never wears off. Career Self-Care is my fifth published book and it’s still exciting. A book can also raise your profile and accelerate your business, especially if you’re a consultant or otherwise sell your expertise.

Getting from the concept or idea of a book you’d like to write to a finished product is a long journey, and like any journey, it begins with some simple first steps. To help you get started, here are some questions that will help you figure out which steps to take.

1. What do you want from your book?

People write books for a lot of different reasons. You may have something that you want to express. You may want to help others by sharing the knowledge you’ve acquired. You may want to establish your expertise in a given field, perhaps to help boost a consulting or speaking business. Or, you may be hoping to earn a lot of money from…

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