Pakistan floods: Sindh province awaits more deluges and devastation

One of Pakistan’s southern provinces, Sindh, is bracing itself for worse to come as the country deals with catastrophic floods.

Deluges from swollen rivers are heading for lower-lying areas, officials say, threatening more misery for millions.

The floods have killed nearly 1,000 people across Pakistan since June, while thousands have been displaced – and millions more affected.

In Sindh, the message in every village the BBC visited was: “Send help.”

In this province – which has a population of almost 50 million – there has been a little reprieve from the rains. But it will take more than a few days of sunshine to make life right again.

This year’s floods have been devastating – and their impact is far from being fully realised.

The infrastructure was already basic in many rural communities. Many of the roads are not tarred, and some bridges are worn out after years of little maintenance.

But this can’t just be blamed on poor infrastructure.

Pakistan’s officials, who have dealt…

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