How to Handle Delta Flight Delays

Flight delays are no fun. A nor’easter, missing crew or aircraft maintenance issues can delay your flight faster than you can say “delay.” It’s one thing if the wait time is minimal. But, a long delay can mean a missed connection or an overnight stay and mess up your entire vacation.

Depending on the airline and your route, you might be able to claim flight delay compensation. Here’s what to do when you experience flight delays on Delta Air Lines.

1. Can you receive compensation for a Delta flight delay?

It depends. In reality, there are currently no federal U.S. laws that protect passengers in case of a flight delay, except in the case of an involuntary bump. In practice, you might be eligible for some compensation if the delay is within the airline’s control.

If your Delta flight is delayed by at least 30 minutes, you can rebook a new flight to your final destination. You can do this through the app, by calling Delta customer service or by visiting a Delta help desk at…

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