American Airlines Flight Attendants Just Made a Startling Revelation, and Basically Nobody Is Happy

American Airlines Flight Attendants Just Made A Startling Revelation, And Basically Nobody Is Happy - Gettyimages 1242618245 511995

It’s always been hard to get a job as an American Airlines flight attendant.

Now, it’s getting harder to keep it.

That’s the big takeaway, at least, according to a report from the union representing American Airlines flight attendants, which says American Airlines is now moving to fire flight attendants at three times the rate they were just a year or two ago.

To be clear, these alleged increases are for supposed violations of a wide variety of disciplinary transgressions, and the American Airlines flight attendants union says it’s been “inundated” with calls from flight attendants who are facing possible termination.

The increase came to light during an executive committee meeting of the flight attendants union, according to the aviation news site Paddle Your Own Kanoo:

Despite well-publicized staff shortages across the aviation industry, American Airlines has made no secret of the fact that managers are looking to strictly enforce a wide range of rules and policies that may have…

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