Trump is turning the midterms from a referendum into a choice

Trump Is Turning The Midterms From A Referendum Into A Choice - Dcstsxbgaei63Jzpdzyusbzpxq
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It’s long been said that midterm elections are all about the current occupant of the White House — a referendum on the incumbent and his party. But do the old rules and assumptions apply as they once did? Because of Donald Trump, they may not this year.

American politics can be divided crudely into two eras: BDT and SDT, or Before Donald Trump and Since Donald Trump. What was true before he came on the scene isn’t necessarily true now. Trump broke rules and assumptions on his way to winning the White House, broke more in office and is still breaking them. And that could haunt the Republicans in November.

Trump has been the energizing force in politics since he announced for president in 2015, mobilizing voters behind his candidacy and once in office triggering an even bigger backlash against him. This November’s election will still be a reckoning for President Biden and the Democrats, given inflationary pressures and disapproval with the…

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