Public health warning as bin strikes continue

Scotland’s national public health agency has warned of a risk to public health as bin strikes continue across the country.

Public Health Scotland said people could be at risk from the build up of food, animal and human waste like nappies.

It has issued advice to councils to “decontaminate” areas where bins have overflowed.

The warning came as a third day of talks to resolve the dispute ended.

It is understood discussions between councils and unions are focusing on a new deal for the lowest-paid workers.

BBC Scotland has been told that no deal is imminent but “slow progress” is being made. Negotiations are expected to resume on Sunday.

Public Health Scotland said the impact of waste on health depended on factors including the type of waste and the weather.

“If organic waste builds up it can become a risk to human health,” the agency said.

“Organic waste includes food waste, animal waste (from food or excrement), human waste (including nappies) and manure.”

It said it had…

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