LGBTQ+ Pride: Firms accused of ‘rainbow-washing’

Major retailers are slapping rainbows on products in a bid to cash in on Pride, LGBTQ+ campaigners have claimed.

The Queer Emporium said they welcomed the extra visibility, but said very little money was going to the community and it felt like a “money grab”.

An activist said there were also concerns around the exploitation of workers making merchandise in countries where it is illegal to be gay.

Pride Cymru said it was “heartening” to see many brands embracing Pride.

“Huge amounts of massive companies do just slap rainbows on their products and sell them at a higher price,” said Yan White, founder and director of social enterprise and not-for-profit Queer Emporium, in Cardiff.

He added that even when a portion of profit was donated to a community group or charity, it was relatively “miniscule”.

“Lots and lots of brands will create rainbow versions of their products, lots of brands create rainbow logos, but the reality is there’s very little if any money actually going back to the…

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