End of an era as seaside town’s last indoor market shuts

The last indoor market in Clacton has closed after 40 years.

Lesley and Martin Croxford, both in their 70s, opened the market in 1982 but said they felt now was the right time to retire.

The building was derelict when the couple took it on but it has turned into a thriving market place.

Mrs Croxford said the market was “part of the town” and they “feel sad it’s going”.

Speaking after trading ended on Saturday, its last day, Mrs Croxford said: “I have mixed emotions, it’s a sad day, the the end of a 40-year era but there will be less stress.

“I’m pleased that the café is moving to another part of the dairy that my grandparents owned so it feels like it’s not completely over… that would be awful.”

The market used to be a dairy that pasteurised and packaged milk, owned by Mrs Croxford’s grandparents, but after her father’s death in 1972 the building was derelict until the conversion to a market a decade later.

Mrs Croxford said: “There were three markets in Clacton when we…

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