Delta Air Lines Made a Very Small Change that Is Making Some of Its Best Customers Angry

Delta Air Lines Made A Very Small Change That Is Making Some Of Its Best Customers Angry - Getty 1262996221 2000133320009280405 512003

I guess you could say the good news is that travel is back. The bad news, of course, is that it’s kind of a mess. If you’ve been to an airport recently, you know they are as crowded as they’ve ever been with more and more people traveling to make up for the last few years of staying home. At the same time, airlines are stretched to capacity, flight cancelations and delays are up, and the overall experience isn’t great.

Managing all of that is getting more challenging. For example, airlines have preemptively eliminated flights from their schedule to hopefully reduce cancelations later. The goal is to provide fewer disruptions and make the experience of traveling a little bit better.

Some of the changes, however, are less obvious unless you’re paying attention. Recently, Delta made a very small change to the way it boards its planes. Like most airlines, Delta boards by groups or zones. It starts with pre-boarding for people who need extra time to get to their seats, followed…

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