Ukraine war round-up: Russia burns off its excess gas and war memorial torn down

Satellite images of a fuel plant in north-west Russia show huge amounts of gas being burned off into the air, analysts tell the BBC.

The liquified natural gas (LNG) complex is thought to be burning unused fuel that would have normally been sold to Germany,

Western countries have been trying to reduce the amount of Russian energy they use to end their dependence on Moscow.

But left with too much unsellable gas, it now appears that Russian operators have simply decided to burn it into the air – prompting environmental concerns too.

“I’ve never seen an LNG [liquefied natural gas] plant flare so much,” satellite expert Dr Jessica McCarty told the BBC.

Read the full report from our environment correspondent Matt McGrath.

While Russia burns through its gas, fuel prices in Europe are skyrocketing, including in the UK.

Will the world be able to cope without Moscow’s oil and gas? Yes – but only by paying an economic price. Read our reality check analysis here.

Latvia has torn down a…

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