You Can Now Get 8 More Free COVID Tests from the Government (USPS)

Confirmed new COVID cases are back on the upswing, because… of course they are. To help combat the recent uptick, U.S. households are now eligible to place a 3rd order for free COVID tests. Back in January, I wrote about the 3 ways to get free COVID tests in the United States: through insurance reimbursement, at local testing sites (e.g. pharmacies, labs, etc.), and by ordering via mail through the USPS. The most popular of the 3 methods for many has been to order the tests from the federal government through the USPS, but the number of free tests was originally limited to 4 per residential address. Back in March, U.S. households could order a 2nd round of free COVID tests per residential address through the USPS. And starting this week, U.S. households can now order a 3rd round of free COVID tests through the USPS.

The government’s site now states:

Every home in the U.S. is eligible to order a 3rd round of free at-home tests. Order yours today.

When you click…

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