Tory leadership: Rishi Sunak criticises Liz Truss’ economic plans

Rishi Sunak has criticised Liz Truss’ economic plans, saying she cannot afford tax cuts and a support package to help tackle rising energy bills.

His Tory leadership rival would have to raise borrowing to dangerous levels, risking higher inflation, he said.

His comments come as it has emerged an emergency budget planned by Ms Truss if she becomes PM may not be accompanied by independent economic forecasts.

Her team said “immediate action” is needed to address the cost of living.

Party members who haven’t yet cast their vote have just under two weeks to do so – the ballot closes on 2 September with the winner being announced on 5 September.

It is unclear how many members there are, but about 160,000 people were eligible to vote during the last Tory leadership election in 2019 and the party says that number has since grown.

Having previously focused on tax cuts, Ms Truss and her allies are talking more about the cost of living crisis and what help her premiership could offer to…

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