The 4 Words Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Never Use

The 4 Words Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Never Use - Getty 1174959018 511263

Leadership is hard. Whether you’re managing a small team, or you’re responsible for a large organization, the decisions you make have a real impact on the people around you. That means that it’s something you should take seriously.

One of the hardest parts of leading people is that they don’t always do the thing you expect them to do. Sometimes, that’s because they don’t know what you want them to do. Sometimes, they don’t how to do whatever it is you’re asking. Of course, sometimes they just don’t want to do something. 

That can be frustrating. It can be tempting–in that moment–to play the “I’m the boss” trump card. 

As a parent of four children, I can relate. In fact, parenting isn’t all that different from leading a team. In both cases you’re trying to influence people to do things they should do, but often would rather not do.

For example, our children rarely do whatever it is we expect them to do, especially the first time. Usually it takes a few rounds of fighting, which…

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