Raila Odinga challenges Kenya election result

Raila Odinga, who came second in Kenya’s presidential election, has filed a legal case challenging the result, his lawyers have said.

According to the electoral commission, Mr Odinga took 48.8% of the vote, losing to William Ruto’s 50.5%.

However, four of the seven electoral commissioners refused to endorse the outcome alleging that the way the final results were tallied was “opaque”.

The seven judges at the Supreme Court will have 14 days to make a ruling.

One of the arguments that Mr Odinga is putting forward is that the voter turnout figure was manipulated. The allegation is that number was altered to show that Mr Ruto had crossed the 50%-plus-one-vote threshold needed to avoid a second-round run-off.

Supporters of Mr Odinga gathered outside the court in a suburb of the capital, Nairobi, on Monday morning waiting for the lawyers to hand over the physical documents. Their placards read: “Protect our Vote” and “Electoral Justice Now!”

They cheered and chanted as the presidential…

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This article was written by and originally published on www.bbc.co.uk