Nostalgia is a Personal Finance & Life Trap

In the not too distant past, most of us lived through an immensely satisfying and glorious period in the history of music, where musical artists would put out new albums every year or two, continuously crafting new songs and exploring new territory while expanding their back catalogs for current and future fans. During this period, it was not uncommon to be able to purchase a decent concert ticket for $25 and those concerts were always in support of a new album. Then, the music industry shifted. In part, digital sales and streaming began surpassing physical albums. At the same time, many established musical acts made the more lucrative conscious decision to simply stop creating new music and spend more of their time playing the hits of their past on tours with set lists that look nearly identical every few years. I could rant for hours about why I think these shifts have been bad for the music industry and its fans, but I’ll save that for another day.

During this shift,…

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