Bill Gates Says This Is the World’s Deadliest Animal and the Data Shows He’s Right

Bill Gates Says This Is The World'S Deadliest Animal And The Data Shows He'S Right - Gettyimages 1407567424 511195

The world’s deadliest animal is not the great white shark, or the grizzly bear, or even the moose. It’s so small you can easily flick it away or even squash it. Yet the mosquito, by spreading pathogens, kills more than a million people every year, and sickens hundreds of millions more. To underscore just how dangerous they are, Bill Gates released his mosquito-related posts during what he’s dubbed “Mosquito Week,” a takeoff on Shark Week. “Mosquitoes and the diseases they carry kill more people in one day than sharks kill in 100 years,” Gates noted in an email to his blog subscribers.

The worst thing by far that people catch from mosquitoes is dengue fever, which kills 20,000 people a year and makes another 400 million sick. But there’s also the Zika virus, West Nile virus, chikungunya and yellow fever. What many of us think of as an annoying summertime pest can actually be a deadly threat, especially in tropical climates.

What is Gates doing about it? Strangely enough, he’s…

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