3 Types of Burnout, and How to Overcome Them

Research shows that people don’t burn out in the exact same way or for the exact same reasons. Because of this, it’s important to identify the type of burnout that you may be facing. You may even be dealing with a mix of one or two of these types at the same time. In this article, the author describes three types of burnout — overload, under-challenged, and neglect — and provides readers with signs to watch out for, and tips on how to overcome each type.

Take a moment to bring to mind a person who’s burned out. You’re likely picturing someone who is overbooked and overwhelmed, drowning in multiple demands and competing priorities.

But, burnout is far more nuanced than simply being busy and tired.

For years, it was believed that everyone reacted to chronic workplace stress in the same way. But research has revealed that burnout manifests itself in different ways depending on a person’s work environment as well as their internal resources,…

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This article was written by Melody Wilding and originally published on hbr.org