2024 meets 2022: Trump, Pence, others ramp up for allies in midterms

2024 Meets 2022: Trump, Pence, Others Ramp Up For Allies In Midterms - 6Wejwqbajmi63Hhgnastxuyymq
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DES MOINES — Mike Pence smiled through rain and hail at the Iowa State Fair as he campaigned for a traditional conservative senator on the ballot this fall — and teased his own potential run in a state that has long kicked off the GOP presidential nominating process. “My family and I will do as we’ve always done, and that is reflect and pray on where we might next serve,” the former vice president said.

On the same day, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was in battleground Pennsylvania campaigning for a far-right nominee for governor. DeSantis recounted his battles with “establishment Republicans” and “the corporate media,” as well as the culture wars in which he and the nominee both have eagerly fought.

Just as DeSantis’s event got underway, Donald Trump’s political organization announced his own rally for the “Pennsylvania Trump Ticket” on Labor Day weekend. The nominees he plans to promote are among a slew of polarizing candidates that…

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This article was written by Hannah Knowles and originally published on www.washingtonpost.com