Newcastle United v Manchester City: Premier League – live!

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Football nicknames: I mentioned earlier that Steve Bruce used to call Joelinton “Big Joe”, which reminded me that Sam Allardyce called Tal Ben Haim “Ben”, meaning “son of”. Any more for any more?

“If the men’s sides deserve opprobrium,” emails Em Jackson, “for the way in which KSA and UAE have invested in both sides to facilitate sportswashing of dubious regimes (and NUFC with KSA especially – and with links to Tory supporting Reuben Brothers even more so), then what news from the sports commentariat about NUFC Women now being run, entirely, by NUFC’s owners? Is equality in sport the chance to be as bad as the men’s sides re: ownership? Or should the women have said ‘No, not until women in KSA are free to exercise democratic choices and freedoms?’”

This is football. There should always be enough opprobrium to go round.

Fast Edward says playing is “the ultimate test” – with…

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