I’m a Behavioral Scientist. This is When I Know Not to Trust Someone

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Trust is the psychological foundation of the human species. When it’s there, we don’t think much about it; it just works, as it has for millions of years. But when it’s gone, the cracks begin to emerge, and the once-strong structures of our relationships and society crumble.

Safe to say that at a societal level, the cracks are starting to show. There’s a general skepticism in today’s climate towards our societal and cultural institutions. The Edelman Trust Barometer shows that events of corporate malfeasance, government corruption, and fake news are upending the social contract, and breaking trust en masse.

A feeling of general distrust in the air is bound to have an effect on our trustworthiness of others. It goes from “What can I trust?” to “Who can I trust?”

To trust, or not to trust? 

At this point, you may want me to take this piece in the direction of: “This is how we can work together to regain trust within our institutions and within each other”.

A lovely sentiment to be sure….

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This article was written by Nick Hobson and originally published on www.inc.com