Greece promotes smaller islands over Mykonos and Corfu

Summer is usually a period when national tourism boards promote their most well-known destinations. But two years of a pandemic have made people who live full-time in tourist hotspots reconsider whether the pre-pandemic norm of “over tourism” should return. And some governments have taken note.

This year Greece’s tourism ministry launched a new strategy promoting its world-famous tourism sites while also highlighting lesser-known parts of the country.

“The campaign is ‘Greece: if you come even once, you will want to stay forever’,” Tourism Minister Vasilis Kikilias tells me.

“Alternative destinations. So many of them: 124 inhabited islands. Yes, of course it’s about Mykonos and Santorini and Corfu and Crete, but there are so many other destinations,” he says, speaking from his office in the Greek capital Athens.

Greek tourism is rebounding from its pandemic collapse. More than 18 million people holidayed in Greece in 2021. But visitor numbers last year were more than 34% below…

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