As Biden turns toward midterms, he may not be the top surrogate

As Biden Turns Toward Midterms, He May Not Be The Top Surrogate - E2C34Qxla4I6Xf5Aucoraga6Gy
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Joe Biden on Thursday will effectively launch his midterm campaign efforts, attempting to capitalize on one of the best stretches of his presidency and beginning the hard task of persuading voters to keep Democrats in control of the House and the Senate.

But he has also been in an uncomfortable position, as an anchor for many in his party — and for Biden, who for decades has prided himself on being one of the most sought-after Democratic surrogates, it’s also an unfamiliar one.

He’s being attacked more often in televised ads than Obama was at this point in 2010, or Trump was in 2018. He goes largely unnamed on Democratic campaign websites and Twitter accounts. And candidates in key races in battleground states are either not asking him to come — or actively avoiding him when he does, according to a Washington Post survey of more than 60 candidates in the most competitive gubernatorial, U.S. Senate and congressional campaigns in the country.


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