A writer who chronicled Donald Trump’s rise to fame predicted that the Trump Org will be ‘put out of business’

Former President Donald Trump.
Tim O’Brien, a writer who wrote Trump Nation in 2005, said the Trump Org will go out of business.
The prediction comes after Trump’s longtime CFO took a plea deal and admitted that the Trump Org dodged payroll taxes for 15 years.
“I think a lot of this is going to come to a head in the fall,” O’Brien told MSNBC.

A biographer who chronicled former President Donald Trump’s rise to fame in a 2005 book predicted that the Trump Organization will go out of business shortly. 

Tim O’Brien, author of Trump Nation, said in a Friday interview with MSNBC that there are various signs of an impending collapse. 

He said one of those signs is Trump’s longtime chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, taking a plea deal last week, per Newsweek. Weisselberg, as Insider’s Laura Italiano reported, admitted that the Trump Organization, under his purview as a chief financial officer, dodged payroll taxes for 15 years.

Weisselberg will have to testify against the Trump…

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