A biotech company wants to take human DNA and create artificial embryos that could be used to harvest organs for medical transplants

An Israeli firm wants to replicate a successful mouse embryo experiment with human cells.
The company, Renewal Bio, wants to use the technology to make “humanity younger and healthier.”
The use of synthetic human embryos has sparked ethical concerns among the scientific community.

A biotechnology company based in Israel wants to replicate a recent experiment that successfully created an artificial mouse embryo from stem cells — only this time with human cells.

Scientists at Weizmann’s Molecular Genetics Department grew “synthetic mouse embryos” in a jar without the use of sperm, eggs, or a womb, according to a paper published in the journal Cell on August 1. It was the first time the process had been successfully completed, Insider’s Marianne Guenot reported.

The replica embryos could not develop into fully-formed mice and were therefore not “real,” Jacob Hanna, who led the experiment, told the Guardian. However, scientists observed the synthetic embryos having a beating heart,…

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