3 Traits of Great Leaders. Do You Have What it Takes?

3 Traits Of Great Leaders. Do You Have What It Takes? - Gettyimages 1180037163 511251

I have found that every successful entrepreneur shares these three personality traits. 




These three traits combined are a winning formula for an entrepreneur. AKA, the sweet spot.

Nothing beats curiosity. The less you know, the better.

I’ve never met a successful entrepreneur who, at their core, wasn’t curious. They know they don’t know everything, and that scares them a bit. Not knowing drives fear in them. 

They ask questions like, “how does this work?” “why does this work?” and, of course, “why isn’t this working?”

They are thinking about what might be possible. 

And this curiosity forces them to create a vision others can latch onto. Their vision begins with many theories, hypotheses mixed with some data, and a little bit of gut feeling.

And as they learn more, they adjust their thinking and narrow their vision. Every step of the way, the vision gets better and better.

And ultimately, the vision turns into confidence. A strong vision…

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This article was written by Jay Steinfeld and originally published on www.inc.com