3 Tips From a Trailblazing Female CEO on How Women Can Become Better Leaders

3 Tips From A Trailblazing Female Ceo On How Women Can Become Better Leaders - Gettyimages 640126827 511231

While change is in the air, we still have a long way to go to close the gender gap in representation and pay in today’s business world. Women work much harder for the same recognition as men, which can result in greater fear of the unknown and of failure.

Roadblocks will always arise, but it’s important for businesses to empower women to take on those situations with confidence, using them as a catalyst for growth.

Anna Fabrega started her career as an Operations Manager and eventually worked her way up to Managing Director at Amazon, helping to launch Amazon Go. She is now CEO of Freshly, the nation’s leading prepared meal delivery service. As a successful entrepreneur and leader, Fabrega has been through it all.

Fabrega shared with me why being open to failure is the secret solution to long-term success, and how a non-linear career path can catapult you to the top. Here are Fabrega’s top three tips for women in business.

1. Treat failures as opportunities

While failure is…

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This article was written by Marcel Schwantes and originally published on www.inc.com