The Guide to IMG Travel Insurance

Are you planning to travel soon? We don’t blame you — spending the last few years dealing with country shutdowns, testing requirements and travel restrictions has considerably impacted everyone.

If you’ve booked a vacation, you may wonder if you should purchase travel insurance. Among a variety of providers from which to choose, IMG insurance offers several different insurance plans. These include both short- and long-term policies, some of which include coverage for issues arising from COVID-19 illness.

Let’s look at IMG travel insurance, its different plans, and how to choose one that’s right for you.

IMG travel insurance plans and costs

The type of travel insurance you’ll want to purchase will depend on what kind of travel you’re doing. Are you looking specifically for medical coverage? How about trip insurance in case your plans go awry? You can be reimbursed in various circumstances if you have the proper insurance.

Single-trip plans

Single-trip plans are intended for…

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