Romaine on Wendy’s sandwiches likely culprit in E. Coli outbreak in the Midwest, CDC says

A Wendy’s burger.
Romaine on Wendy’s sandwiches is likely to be the cause of an E. coli outbreak in the Midwest. 
The CDC reported that 37 people were sickened, and they are currently investigating. 
Wendy’s has pulled romaine from its Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania restaurants. 

An E. coli outbreak in the Midwest has sickened an estimated 37 people, many of which ate at a Wendy’s restaurant before their symptoms emerged, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday. 

According to the CDC, while “a specific food has not yet been confirmed as the source,” several of the E. coli patients reported eating sandwiches containing romaine lettuce at Wendy’s locations in Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. 

Investigators are working to definitively determine the source of the outbreak, and Wendy’s is fully complying with the inspection, the CDC said in a statement

Wendy’s did not immediately respond to Insider’s request to comment, but the CDC reported the restaurant is…

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