Follow a simple PowerPoint rule to create engaging presentations.

Follow A Simple Powerpoint Rule To Create Engaging Presentations. - Gettyimages 1172882536 511239

Is a picture worth a thousand words? It is when you’re trying to describe drought conditions in the American southwest. This week, newspapers and websites posted photos of the rapidly evaporating Colorado River, a system that supplies water to forty million people.

In one dramatic photo, bathtub-like rings clearly show where the water level used to be and how much lower it is today. Another photo shows an exposed sunken boat on a dry lake bed. The New York Times article that accompanies the images is just over 900 words. It answers questions like how low the reservoir levels are (28 percent of capacity) and what new restrictions are being placed on farmers and homeowners.

But if you don’t read the article and all you see are the pictures, you get the idea. The crisis is bad. So, yes, a photo can say 1,000 words.

If  photos speak volumes, why aren’t you using more of them in your PowerPoint presentations? I find that most speakers understand that slides with too many words and too few…

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