Chipotle’s Weird New Product Sends a Clever Message to Customers

Chipotle'S Weird New Product Sends A Clever Message To Customers - Chipotle Candle 511187

Sometimes a new product can double as a not-so-subtle message to customers. That seems to be the clever intent of Chipotle’s newest product: A limited edition scented candle that smells like lemonade. The joke–and the message–is that it comes in cup that looks just like a Chipotle water cup. It’s a not-so-subtle nod to the restaurant chain’s customers who request a (free) water cup and then fill it with lemonade or some other non-water beverage instead. 

To make sure everyone gets the joke, Chipotle is selling the candle in a box that says “Water” Cup Candle on it. The company’s headline on the new product announcement is: “Chipotle’s new ‘water’ cup candle is a total steal.” Oh, and just to drive the point home, each candle comes with a coupon for a free cup of lemonade–just in case you feel uncomfortable about stealing it.

Why do I think this candle is a great example of emotional intelligence? Consider some other ways the company’s leadership could have dealt with its…

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