After 55 Years, McDonald’s Just Made a Long-Awaited Announcement

After 55 Years, Mcdonald'S Just Made A Long-Awaited Announcement - Gettyimages 1084560464 511175

The year was 1967. A McDonald’s franchise owner named Michael “Jim” Delligatti had an idea.

Competing fast food restaurants served double burger sandwiches. Shouldn’t McDonald’s? So, he came up with a recipe: two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, and a sesame seed bun.

If that sounds familiar, of course it’s because Delligatti invented an icon: the Big Mac (which also led to an iconic McDonald’s jingle).

McDonald’s corporate didn’t love the idea at first, but Delligatti tried it in his 48 McDonald’s locations. Soon, it took off, to the point that McDonald’s shared it in restaurants around the world.

For much of that time — and especially in the last few years — hardcore devotees of McDonald’s have declared that there might be something missing from the Big Mac: a double-decker chicken version of the sandwich.

This week, fully 55 years after Delligatti introduced the original Big Mac, McDonald’s fans got the news they’ve been waiting for — or at…

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