A Delta Airlines Passenger’s Complaint Went Viral. Here’s Why Everybody Seems So Unhappy

A Delta Airlines Passenger'S Complaint Went Viral. Here'S Why Everybody Seems So Unhappy - Gettyimages 1237413283 511151

This is a story about Delta Air Lines and a very memorable Twitter thread this week.

When I first found came across it, I thought immediately of Bill Hader’s old character, Stefon, on Saturday Night Live — the one who offered guides to New York City nightlife and describing clubs by saying, “This place has everything …”

Because if you follow the aviation industry (and you should!), that’s what this Twitter thread about Delta Air Lines has: almost all of the reasons people seem to be so unhappy in air travel during the summer of 2022.

In other words, everything:

Delayed and crowded flights. Unhappy customers and social media bots. Families and tourists flying more often. Business travelers resenting the families and tourists who are now flying more often. Preschooler credit card requirements.

Wait a second. “Preschooler credit card requirements?” (Remember, we’re still doing “Stefon” here.)

“You know that thing where the parents of a 4-year-old girl are told that she can’t enter a…

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This article was written by Bill Murphy Jr. and originally published on www.inc.com