Top Crypto Hardware Wallets for 2022

To buy, sell or hold Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you need a crypto wallet to protect your funds. There are two main options for your crypto wallet: “Hot” wallets connect to the internet on your computer or phone, and “cold” wallets are hardware-based devices that plug into your computer’s USB port, which you can use to access your account through an app and make transactions.

Though hot wallets can be more convenient for easy access and trading, cold wallets are a better option for secure, long-term crypto storage. Prices for these hardware devices range from around $50 to $250 and can come with features that connect your wallet to exchanges and other app integrations so you can move and back up your assets.

While cold wallets can’t be accessed online, they still require safety measures to keep them from getting damaged, lost or stolen. Here are NerdWallet’s top crypto hardware wallet picks.

Safepal: Most currencies

Cost: $49.99 for basic hardware.


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