The investor whose ascent mirrored India’s

Financial big shots die all the time without making a stir. Occasionally, though, the death creates ripples because their approach to life mattered as much as their returns. So it was for Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, an investor and bull of a man, who inspired generations of Indian investors. On August 16th, in an unprecedented move, the Bombay Stock Exchange transformed its old trading floor into a prayer hall for Mr Jhunjhunwala, who died two days earlier, aged 62.

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For hours, thousands of mourners shuffled through the once raucous room. Music played softly while a large screen mixed praise from India’s political and business grandees with the snippets of advice Mr Jhunjhunwala used to dispense on tv, to crowds at his favourite bar and to the legions who sought him out: “Always aspire, never envy”; “Growth…

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