Rowers rescued after boat capsized and sank in ocean

Two rowers whose boat sank in the Atlantic Ocean have been found and rescued by a merchant ship and the RAF.

The pair survived at sea for more than five hours by using a life raft, before being saved 800 nautical miles (1,482km) off Lands End on Thursday.

The closest ship to them was diverted to their location.

The two crew members, from Denmark’s Faroe Islands, were reported to be in “good health” following the rescue, the UK’s Coastguard said.

The Coastguard launched a rescue effort after receiving a distress alert from the transatlantic rowing vessel just after 06:10 BST.

The closest merchant vessel was asked to alter course to the life raft and a RAF Poseidon P8 aircraft, from RAF Lossiemouth in Moray in north-east Scotland, also headed to find them at about 11:30.

It is the first time a Poseidon P8 – a maritime patrol aircraft equipped with sensors and weapon systems for anti-submarine warfare and surveillance – has been used for search and rescue in the UK, the Coastguard…

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