How to Build Real Relationships at Work

Doing your job is only part of your job. The rest comes down to being seen, heard, and known — none of which is possible without strong relationships. But the hybrid office has made relationship building even more awkward than it used to be. In this piece, the author offers helpful advice for how to spark conversations when you’re in the office — and how to build on those conversations when you see the same person again. As he writes, “breaking the silence is the hardest step because it’s the easiest to overthink: Am I bothering this person? A voice in our head asks. What will this person think of me? Another voice wonders. What do I even say? A third voice adds. Before long, doubt sinks in and the opportunity slips away. The easier we make it to break the silence, the more likely we are to do so. The good news is, opportunities to transform strangers into acquaintances are all around us, all the time.”

Does stepping into the office feel…

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