How to Build Ethical A.I., According to an IBM Designer

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Artificial intelligence work is bound up in myriad concerns about bias, discrimination, and other shades of prejudice. So if you run a business that builds A.I., how do you design an ethical system?

The organization Women in A.I. Ethics recently hosted a conversation with Milena Pribic, IBM Senior Designer for A.I., and here’s her advice on how to do it right. 

1. Dig Deeply into team practices.

On Pribic’s team, efforts to create A.I. using an ethical approach begin with understanding how the team building the  A.I. product works. This encompasses the overall effort, team members’ ongoing behaviors, and the practices they’ve put in place to ensure that something like fairness “isn’t just checked off a list,” she said during the chat.

To ensure that a team is doing more than simply going through the motions, Pribic said it’s important that the people on the team “really understand the context” and “the repercussions” of what they’re building. She noted that one way teams can…

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