Entering Inc.’s Best in Business 2022 Awards? Here Are Answers to the 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Entering Inc.'S Best In Business 2022 Awards? Here Are Answers To The 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions - Bibapply 511087

First things first: Bookmark the Best in Business application page.

Okay, to recap, Inc.’s Best in Business Awards celebrate companies that made an extraordinary impact over the last year in their field, within their communities, or on society at large. We do some big data-driven programs, such as the Inc. 5000, and we wanted to balance those by also recognizing achievements that don’t necessarily show up on a balance sheet. Though we have a lot of applications in advance of the August 19 early rate deadline–that’s tomorrow–there’s still time to apply. Here are the top five questions we’re getting, along with our answers to get you on the right track. If your company puts profit before purpose, this is for you.

1. What are you looking for in an application?

In a phrase, positive impact. Ideally, that impact is measurable. And more than merely a product of your company’s day-to-day business-though that’s not a strict criterion. (Last year we highlighted Nova Credit, which helps…

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This article was written by Eric Hagerman and originally published on www.inc.com