The Proclaimers bite back against the UK’s nostalgia

Having turned 60 this year, you could think that twin brothers Craig and Charlie Reid might have lost a bit of their lyrical bite. But they believe it is the UK – not them – that has become toothless.

The Proclaimers’ latest album, Dentures Out, is peppered with punk energy and caustic commentary that many may not agree with.

“It’s certainly the most political thing we’ve done for seven or eight albums,” says Charlie, speaking from the brothers’ hometown of Edinburgh, where they are avoiding the Fringe Festival crowds in an effort to avoid catching Covid.

“For the first time ever there’s a constant theme in an album we’ve done. A lot of it is about nostalgia, about people looking back and perhaps looking back with rose-coloured glasses or not remembering at all,” he adds, saying such a tendency is particularly strong in the UK.

The album’s cover shows a pair of dentures in a glass next to a bed adorned with a union jack duvet cover.

“I think Britain has been diminishing in…

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