Keeping Your Team Motivated When the Company Is Struggling

It’s not surprising to learn that employee motivation is flagging these days. Fear of a slowing economy has layoffs up 39% in the second quarter of 2022, bringing the year’s total to more than 133,000. On top of that, the great resignation continues to lead employees to exit toxic workplaces characterized by uncaring leaders and poor advancement opportunities. Rising inflation has increased prices at supermarkets and gas stations. Combined with an increasingly polarizing political landscape and ongoing, troubling global events, you have the perfect motivation-draining cocktail.

Leaders are noticing the sense of gloom and angst on their teams and wondering what they can do to curb the demoralization. Many reflexively reach for words intended to reenergize and inspire, but that often backfires. Statements like, “Let’s focus on the positives” or “Sure our budget was badly cut, but let’s be grateful we still have our jobs” may be well intended but…

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This article was written by Ron Carucci and originally published on