Build your public speaking confidence with this proven practice schedule

Build Your Public Speaking Confidence With This Proven Practice Schedule - Gettyimages 1369712079 510983

When I teach executive education classes at Harvard, I set a deadline for students to submit their final slides. The deadline is about two weeks before they’re required to deliver their presentations to the class. By forcing speakers to finish their PowerPoint slides two weeks early, it offers plenty of time for speakers to rehearse.

Once students send me their final decks, they often ask me, “how much should I practice?”

Well, I once interviewed a scientist who practiced an 18-minute presentation about 200 times before taking the TED stage. Jill Bolte Taylor’s “Stroke of Insight” attracted millions of viewers, making it one of the top TED talks of all time.

Here’s the good news–you don’t have to practice 200 times. Bolte-Taylor had months to prepare, but in the real world, there’s a lower number that is effective and achievable.

The ideal number of practice sessions is ten.

If you rehearse your pitch or presentation ten times, you will grow more confident, and your delivery will show…

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